How To Deposit On Paddy Power

Learn how to make a Paddy Power deposit - a crucial step within esports betting

After creating a new account, players need to understand how to deposit money on Paddy Power. This is one of the major steps towards placing an esports bet. But how does depositing work on Paddy Power? Learn how to deposit with ease by following our helpful guide.

Making a Cash Deposit with Paddy Power

Making a deposit at Paddy Power couldn’t be simpler. Click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right hand corner, select your payment method and input your amount – it’s that easy!


How to Deposit at Paddy Power: Step by Step Guide

Let’s have a look at how to make a deposit on Parimatch.

  1. Click ‘Deposit’

    Click ‘Deposit’ in the top right hand corner of the site. It’s the large green button, so it’s difficult to miss!

  2. Choose payment method

    Here, players can choose from a range of payment methods. Paddy Power helpfully splits these into ‘Popular’ and ‘Other methods’, to make things simple

  3. Enter payment details

    Depending on which method they’ve chosen, players will now be able to input their payment details. This could either be bank details, email addresses, or something else. This will depend on the method itself, so players should make sure they know exactly what’s expected before attempting to make a deposit.

  4. Deposit!

    Click ‘Deposit’, and the funds will be added to your account. Now, you can start placing bets on your favourite esports organisations and events.

Happy Icon Paddy Power deposits are a shining example to the site’s competitors

Paddy Power has really put itself ahead of its competitors with its deposit process. Granted, there are a lot of similarities with other UK esports betting sites, but the ease and intuitive nature of the process on Paddy Power is really something to behold.

Which Deposit Methods Can You Use on Paddy Power?

At Paddy Power, there are a range of deposit methods available to players. Below, we’ve pulled all the necessary information together to help you decide which payment method you want to use to make a deposit on Paddy Power.

Payment MethodMinimum DepositMaximum DepositDeposit Process TimeFeeTypeOther
VISA£5Approx. £5,000ImmediateFreeBank transfer
MasterCard£5Approx. £5,000ImmediateFreeBank transfer
Apple Pay£5Approx. £5,000ImmediateFree
Instant Bank Transfer£5Approx. £5,000ImmediateFreeBank transfer
Cash£1Approx. £5,000ImmediateFree
PayPal£20Approx. £5,000ImmediateFree
Skrill£20Approx. £5,000ImmediateFree
Neteller£20Approx. £5,000ImmediateFree
paysafecard£20Approx. £5,000ImmediateN/ACan’t be used to make withdrawals
Bank Transfer£20Approx. £5,0001-5 working daysFreeBank transfer
Rapid Transfer£20UnknownImmediateFree
Paddy Power Deposit Methods Information

Increasing Paddy Power Deposit Limits

At Paddy Power, it isn’t possible to increase the standard deposit limits listed above. However, if players have set a deposit limit for themselves using Paddy Power’s responsible gambling tools, this can be amended later on. To do this, reach out to the Paddy Power customer support team and explain why you’re looking to increase your deposit limit. Please note, the Paddy Power customer support team might ask for proof that you’re able to increase this limit.

Depositing Money on Paddy Power: Common Issues

Sometimes, players will find themselves unable to make a deposit at an esports betting site. With regards to Paddy Power deposits, this might happen for a number of different reasons, some of which we’ll delve into below.

Why can’t I deposit money on Paddy Power?

If your Paddy Power deposit has been declined, it is usually because the card issuer has denied Paddy Power permission to take funds from your account.

A card issuer might need to manually authorise transactions if you’ve made multiple online transactions recently. Alternatively, you may have inputted your details incorrectly. Make sure to reach out to the Paddy Power customer support team to find out why your deposit was declined.

Why won’t Paddy Power let me deposit?

If Paddy Power has specifically rejected your deposit, this is usually due to an issue with your account. Before reaching out to customer support, consider the following:

  • Have you broken Paddy Power’s terms of service?
  • Have you abused Paddy Power’s bonus system?
  • Has Paddy Power detected suspicious activity on your account?

As above, reach out to Paddy Power customer support if you believe your deposit to have been declined unfairly, or if you require further clarification.

Paddy Power Deposits Help the Site to Stand Out From Competitors

Now that you understand how to deposit cash on Paddy Power, you’ll see that the site has really gone above and beyond for its players. Paddy Power has created a user-friendly method of making deposits, and we were really impressed. Once you’ve made your deposit, you’ll need to learn how to bet on Paddy Power; it’s the next natural step in your esports betting journey!