How To Bet On Paddy Power

Discover how to place your first Paddy Power esports bet!

If you've decided that Paddy Power is the esports betting site for you, and you've created an account and made a deposit, you'll need to understand how to place your first bet! Below, we've detailed exactly how to bet on Paddy Power.

Place Your First Esports Bet With Paddy Power

So, you want to know how to place a bet on Paddy Power? Thankfully, much like the rest of the Paddy Power site, placing an esports bet is very intuitive. Visit the ‘Esports’ section, click on which tournament or event you want to bet on, select the match and market, and add your chosen bet to your betting slip.


How to Bet on Esports With Paddy Power: Step by Step Guide

Placing esports bets with Paddy Power is the same as most major UK-based betting sites. We’ve detailed the exact process, so that new bettors know exactly what to expect.

  1. Deposit funds

    Make sure your account is topped up with the necessary funds. If unsure how to do this, check out our Paddy Power Deposit Guide.

  2. Choose your esports competition

    Visit the esports section of the site (click ‘A-Z Betting’, followed by ‘Esports’) and click on ‘Competitions’. This will show all available esports tournaments and events. Select one of these.

  3. Select a match

    Once you’ve decided on an event, pick an individual match (if there are multiple available).

  4. Decide your esports market

    Decide which market you’re interested in. Clicking on this particular market should give you a couple of different odds to choose from.

  5. Add your bet to your slip

    Click on your preferred odds, depending on what you think the end result will be. This will automatically add it to your betting slip.

  6. Decide your stake

    Here, you can input your chosen stake, either on singles or multiples. Paddy Power will automatically calculate your potential returns, should you be successful.

  7. Bet!

    Once you’re happy with your betting slip and stake, confirm your bet and await the result!

Error Icon Placing esports bets at Paddy Power is beautifully simple

Although we would expect nothing less, Paddy Power does an excellent job at creating an intuitive process for placing esports bets. New and experienced players will find no major surprises here, and learning how to build a bet on Paddy Power is really easy. The navigational journey is similar to what we’d find at all of Paddy Power’s major competitors, which is a plus. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Cashing Out Bets on Paddy Power: Is it Possible?

Cashing out bets is an integral part of betting on esports. It allows players to close a bet before the match has ended. Paddy Power offers players the chance to cash out esports bets, which is great. This isn’t something that is offered on every betting market, however, so make sure to check which specific markets allow you to cash out bets before you start betting.

How to Bet With Free Bets on Paddy Power

Free bets are one of the most interesting promotions available at UK-based esports betting sites. Paddy Power offers free bets to esports bettors, although it’s worth remembering that these offers always have terms & conditions attached! At Paddy Power, players are credited with a free bet if one leg of their 4+ fold accumulator lets them down.

Placing Bets on Paddy Power is As Easy As it Can Be

The bet-placing process on Paddy Power is very good. It is simple, albeit with no special features that aren’t available elsewhere. We thought the process was really intuitive and very beginner friendly. Now you know how to make a bet on Paddy Power, consider learning how to withdraw your funds from Paddy Power, in case your esports bet is successful!