How To Deposit On LeoVegas

Making your first LeoVegas deposit: how does it work and what do you need to know?

Once you've made an account, you'll need to know how to deposit money on LeoVegas if you're going to start betting on esports. Thankfully, our in-depth guide will explain the entire process and teach you how to deposit with ease.

How to Make a Deposit at LeoVegas

Making a deposit at LeoVegas is really straightforward. Having conducted a detailed LeoVegas review, and considering a lot of the LeoVegas site feels a little overcomplicated, it’s refreshing to see this process be so simple. To make a LeoVegas deposit, click the green funds button in the top right hand corner of the site, choose a payment method, input your details and confirm the deposit.


How to Deposit at LeoVegas: Step by Step Guide

For those interested in learning how to deposit cash on LeoVegas, we’ve detailed the exact steps needed below.

  1. Click the funds button

    Click the green funds button in the top right hand corner of the site. This will open up the cashier section of the site.

  2. Choose an offer (optional)

    Here, players can choose to claim an offer, if they would like to.

  3. Select payment method

    Select a payment method. LeoVegas splits this into ‘Instant Bank Transfer’, ‘VISA’ and ‘MasterCard’, and ‘PayPal’. There is an option to expand each payment method.

  4. Add deposit amount

    Choose the amount to add. LeoVegas provides suggested amounts, or players can choose to add their own deposit amounts.

  5. Add payment details

    Once players have chosen the amount they want to deposit, LeoVegas will prompt them to add in the relevant payment details.

  6. Confirm

    Confirm your deposit by clicking ‘Deposit’.

Happy Icon LeoVegas deposits are one of the smoothest aspects of the whole site

LeoVegas have created a very streamlined and intuitive deposit process. When making a deposit, the site even prompts you to claim a promotional offer, which is rare to see. Overall, we were really impressed with every aspect related to making deposits on LeoVegas.

Which LeoVegas Deposit Methods Are Available?

For players wanting to make a deposit, you’ll need to know which payment methods are available to you. We’ve created a table detailing all the different options that players can use when making a deposit on LeoVegas.

Payment MethodMinimum DepositMaximum DepositDeposit Process TimeFeeTypeOther
Visa Debit£10Approx. £1700ImmediateFree
Visa Electron£10Approx. £1700ImmediateFree
MasterCard£10Approx. £1700ImmediateFree
Bank Transfer£10Approx. £17002-5 working daysFreeBank Transfer
PayPal£10Approx. £1700ImmediateFree
ApplePay£10Approx. £1700ImmediateFree
LeoVegas Deposit Methods Information

Can You Increase LeoVegas Deposit Limits?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to increase the deposit limits on LeoVegas. This isn’t a LeoVegas-specific issue – it’s actually very difficult to increase the default deposit limits set by any esports betting sites in the UK. However, players are able to increase any self-imposed deposit limits by reaching out to the LeoVegas customer support and providing evidence that demonstrates their ability to gamble responsibly.

Common Issues With Making a Deposit

When making a deposit at LeoVegas, or any other betting site, it isn’t uncommon for players to find their deposits declined or their payments not going through. This is usually for one of a few reasons, all of which we’ll delve into below.

Why Can’t I Make a LeoVegas Deposit?

If you’re unable to make a deposit on LeoVegas, this is probably because you’ve inputted your payment information incorrectly, or perhaps you’re attempting to use a payment method not accepted by LeoVegas. Alternatively, your payment provider may have put a limit on your outgoing payments if they notice a large number of payments being made in a short period of time.

Reach out to the LeoVegas customer support to double-check the reason for your deposit not going through, or speak to your payment provider for clarification.

Why Has LeoVegas Stopped My Deposit?

If the issue with your deposit isn’t due to you adding details incorrectly, it might be because LeoVegas itself has blocked your ability to deposit. This is usually as a result of players breaking the site’s terms of service, through cheating, making multiple accounts, abusing bonuses, or something similar.

If this isn’t the case, or you want to dispute the restrictions that LeoVegas has put onto your account, reach out to the site’s customer support team for additional information.

Not Many Payment Methods, But a Great Deposit Process

We would really have liked to see more deposit methods on offer at LeoVegas, perhaps with a greater maximum deposit available. However, that’s where our deposit-related concerns end! The actual process of making a deposit is really smooth and has plenty of positive attributes, even compared to some of LeoVegas’ biggest competitors. Once you’ve made your first deposit, you’ll need to know how to place a bet on LeoVegas!