How To Bet On LeoVegas

Betting on LeoVegas: learn how it works and discover whether it's worthwhile or not!

After creating an account and making a deposit, the next, natural step is to make your first esports bet - the whole reason behind your account creation! Below, we've demonstrated exactly how to bet on LeoVegas, to provide beginner esports bettors with all the information they might need to get started.

Place Your First Esports Bet With LeoVegas

Placing an esports bet with LeoVegas is incredibly simple. We know, because we completed the process during our extensive LeoVegas review! So, if you want to know how to build a bet on LeoVegas, follow our instructions: you’ll need to ensure you’re logged into your accounts, then visit your esport of choice. Once here, you will need to find the match you want to bet on, decide on a betting market, and click the appropriate odds to add them to your betting slip.


How to Bet on Esports With LeoVegas: Step by Step Guide

Below, we’ll demonstrate exactly how to make a bet on LeoVegas.

  1. Click ‘Upcoming’

    Once on the ‘Sports’ section of the LeoVegas site, click the ‘Upcoming’ tab. For those interested in live betting, click the ‘Live’ button.

  2. Click ‘Esports’

    Scroll across and find the ‘Esport’ section and click on it.

  3. Find event

    Choose which event you want to bet on. LeoVegas splits this between different esports, and then specific events.

  4. Choose betting market

    Once you’ve chosen your event, decide what you want to bet on. You can either bet on the outright winner, or pick something different. There will usually be a couple of odds displayed under each market.

  5. Add to betting slip

    Decide which odds you want to bet on, and click on the odds themselves to add them to your betting slip.

  6. Place bet!

    The betting slip will show up automatically once you add something to it. Add your proposed stake and LeoVegas will show you your potential payout. Once you’re happy, click ‘Place Bet’.

Happy Icon Placing esports bets with LeoVegas is wonderfully simple

The actual betting process at LeoVegas is very straightforward. It would be nice if the ‘Esports’ section was slightly better signposted, but once you’re there, everything that follows is very intuitive. We really like that LeoVegas has its betting slip pop up from the bottom of the screen, rather than being a permanent fixture in the corner as we’ve found on other sites.

Cashing Out Bets on LeoVegas: Is it Possible?

Cashing out is the process of collecting winnings before an event has ended. At LeoVegas, this function is offered on specific singles. To take advantage of cashing out on LeoVegas, go to your ‘Open Bets’, choose the bet in question and click ‘Cash Out’.

Betting with Free Bets on LeoVegas

Free bets are the pinnacle of esports betting. It usually involves placing a risk-free bet on a sporting event, using bonus funds provided by the site in question, in this case, LeoVegas. LeoVegas does occasionally offer players the chance to use free bets, although these are understandably tied to some specific terms and conditions. That being said, if you want to learn how to bet with free bets on LeoVegas, you might have to wait, as LeoVegas doesn’t currently offer any free bet promotions! However, this will likely change at some point in the future.

Placing Bets on LeoVegas is Intuitive and Enjoyable

At LeoVegas, the bet-placing process is really straightforward. Granted, we would have preferred the actual ‘Esports’ section to be a little easier to find, but the process of finding a bet and adding it to your betting slip was as smooth as any that we’ve seen elsewhere. If you didn’t know how to place a bet on LeoVegas before reading this guide, hopefully you do now! Once you’ve placed a bet, and potentially won it, you’ll also need to learn how to withdraw your winnings from LeoVegas!