How To Withdraw From LeoVegas

Withdraw your hard-earned esports winnings from LeoVegas!

If everything has gone to plan, you'll have some funds to withdraw from your LeoVegas account! If this is the case, follow our helpful guide below to understand how to withdraw and which payment methods are available to you.

How to Withdraw Winnings at LeoVegas

Making a withdrawal at LeoVegas is just as simple as making a deposit, that is, incredibly easy! We completed the process during our extensive LeoVegas review, and can confirm just how simple the process is! Click the green funds button in the top right hand corner of the screen and then click the ‘Withdraw’ tab. Select a payment method, decide how much you want to withdraw and then follow the steps according to your chosen payment method.


How to Withdraw at LeoVegas: Step by Step Guide

For those that would like it explained in more detail, we’ll demonstrate the step-by-step process of withdrawing your winnings from LeoVegas.

  1. Click the funds button

    Click the green funds button at the top of the screen. This will lead to a pop-up opening on-screen.

  2. Click ‘Withdraw’

    The pop-up will automatically show the ‘Deposit’ section. Click ‘Withdraw’.

  3. Select payment method

    Choose your payment method from the list provided.

  4. Choose amount

    Decide how much you want to withdraw and add this here.

  5. Add necessary information

    Add any relevant, method-specific payment information, such as your bank details, email address, etc. Once you’re happy, click ‘Withdraw’ to complete the process.

Important LeoVegas Withdrawal Information

The minimum standard withdrawal is £10, but LeoVegas does say that players can withdraw less if they speak to customer support. For those looking for additional information, the Help Centre offers some advice and withdrawal-related FAQs.

How long does it take to withdraw from LeoVegas?

Withdrawals at LeoVegas are not particularly speedy, with the site claiming that they will reach your account within five working days. Granted, this process might be quicker for certain payment methods, but LeoVegas doesn’t distinguish between them on its site.

Why doesn’t LeoVegas let me withdraw money?

If LeoVegas is not letting you withdraw your funds, this is not them being difficult! Usually, if a betting site declines your withdrawals, it’s because they’ve detected shady activity on your account. Have you been abusing the LeoVegas bonuses or breaking the site’s terms of service? If so, this is likely the reason your withdrawals have been blocked by LeoVegas.

If this isn’t the case, consider reaching out to the LeoVegas customer support for more information and to help get your withdrawals sorted.

Happy Icon An impressive minimum withdrawal and smooth process!

The minimum withdrawal at LeoVegas, of £0.01, is really impressive! Very few competitor sites offer the same luxury, so this is nice to see. Combined with a smooth, intuitive withdrawal process, we’re happy to report that LeoVegas has plenty to offer players as far as withdrawals are concerned.

Which LeoVegas Withdrawal Methods Are Available?

To fully understand how to withdraw money from LeoVegas, you’ll need to understand what withdrawal methods are available to you. We’ve created a handy table demonstrating which payment methods players can use. Remember, there is no minimum withdrawal on LeoVegas, but players interested in withdrawing less than £10 will need to contact customer support to complete this process manually!

Payment MethodMinimum WithdrawalMaximum WithdrawalWithdrawal Process TimeFeeTypeOther
Visa Debit£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFree
Visa Electron£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFree
MasterCard£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFree
Bank Transfer£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFreeBank Transfer
PayPal£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFree
ApplePay£0.01N/A1-5 working daysFree
LeoVegas Withdrawal Methods Information

Easy Withdrawals With LeoVegas

The withdrawal process at LeoVegas is really straightforward, much like the site’s deposit process! We would have liked to see more withdrawal methods available, and perhaps more clarification about how long withdrawals will take, but a smooth process and no minimum withdrawal is enough for us to give LeoVegas an excellent review!