How To Deposit On Betfair

Start betting on esports by learning how to deposit money on Betfair!

After registering for an account, players will need to know how to deposit cash on Betfair - this is a crucial step in the esports betting journey! Below, we'll demonstrate exactly how this process works and tell you whether there's anything else you need to know. Read our guide to learn exactly how to deposit on Betfair.

Making a Cash Deposit With Betfair

In our detailed Betfair review, we learned the exact process for making a deposit. Thankfully, Betfair has made its deposit process really straightforward, which is great news for new esports bettors. Players will need to login, select the ‘Deposit’ button from the top of the screen, choose their payment method and amount, and place their deposit.


How to Deposit at Betfair: Step by Step Guide

Below, we’ll show new Betfair esports bettors exactly how to place a deposit on the site.

  1. Click ‘Deposit’

    Click the grey ‘Deposit’ button, found at the top of the Betfair site.

  2. Choose payment method

    Choose from Betfair’s extensive list of payment methods. Players can either choose from ‘Popular’ payment methods (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) or ‘Other methods’.

  3. Add payment details

    Depending on your chosen payment method, add any necessary details. This might include card details, email addresses, or something similar.

  4. Select deposit amount

    Choose how much you’d like to deposit. Betfair helpfully tells you the deposit limits for each payment method, and players can either select from predetermined amounts or type in their own.

  5. Deposit!

    Check all the details are correct, and click ‘Deposit’. Now, you’re ready to start placing esports bets with Betfair!

Happy Icon Depositing on Betfair is simple and intuitive

For players interested in learning how to deposit money on Betfair, we’re pleased to report that the process is really straightforward. We really liked that Betfair tells you the different deposit limits for each payment method at the deposit stage – this is usually information that players will need to search for beforehand!

What Deposit Methods are Available at Betfair?

Making a Betfair deposit is simple, but what payment methods are available on the site? Below, we’ve created a table with all the different options on offer to UK-based players.

Payment MethodMinimum DepositMaximum DepositDeposit Process TimeFeeTypeOther
Apple Pay£5£99,000ImmediateFree
paysafecard£5£400ImmediateFreeCan’t be used to make withdrawals
Bank Transfer£10Depends on bank2-5 working daysFree
Betfair Deposit Methods Information

Increasing Betfair Deposit Limits

It is not possible to increase the overall Betfair deposit limits. However, players can increase the self-imposed limits created at sign up. To do this, you will need to reach out to customer support and prove that you are comfortable and able to do so.

Common Issues With Depositing Money on Betfair

Although Betfair’s deposit process is really smooth, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a deposit – but why does this happen? Below, we’ve covered some of the key reasons that a player might not be able to make a Betfair deposit.

Why Can’t I Deposit Money on Betfair?

If you’re trying to make a Betfair deposit but it’s not working, it could be down to a number of issues. Are your payment details accurate and up-to-date? Does Betfair accept your chosen payment method? Make sure to double-check all the information you’ve inputted, and if everything is accurate and you still can’t make a deposit, reach out to the Betfair customer support.

Why Won’t Betfair Let me Deposit?

There are other reasons that you might be unable to deposit on Betfair, especially if the site has intentionally blocked it. If you’ve reached your self-imposed deposit limit, for example, Betfair will not allow you to add additional funds to your account. Have you broken any of Betfair’s T&Cs, either in terms of payments or any of its general account rules? Reach out to customer support to confirm the exact reason for your deposit being declined.

Want to Know How to Deposit Cash on Betfair? Easily!

Making a Betfair deposit is really simple, as it should be! There is a really good range of deposit methods available to UK-based esports bettors, which is always a good thing. Betfair makes the process straightforward, and most deposits will be actioned immediately, so there’s no need to wait before you start betting! All you need now is to learn exactly how to bet on Betfair!