How To Bet On Betfair

Learn how to bet on Betfair - a crucial step in esports betting!

If you're looking to bet on esports, it's important that you understand how to make a bet on Betfair specifically. Below, we've created a helpful guide to help esports bettors place their first bet. Read more to discover how to bet on esports at Betfair!

Place Your First Betfair Esports Bet

After conducting a detailed Betfair review, we can confirm that placing esports bets at Betfair is very simple! Betfair avoids the pitfall of making the process overly complicated, and new players should have no issues betting on their favourite esports. That being said, you still need to know how to build a bet on Betfair! 

To place an esport bet, choose your game and event, pick a match and market, and add your chosen bet to your betting slip by clicking on the odds you want.


How to Bet on Esports With Betfair: Step by Step Guide

Betting on esports with Betfair couldn’t be simpler. Below, we’ll detail exactly how new players can place their first esports bet with ease.

  1. Find the ‘Esports’ section

    Find the ‘Esports’ section by clicking on the drop down arrow underneath ‘Sportsbook’ on the navigation bar.

  2. Choose a competition

    Once you’re on the ‘Esports’ section of Betfair, pick your esport and competition of choice.

  3. Choose a match

    If there are multiple matches available within a tournament or event, choose which one you want to bet on specifically (unless placing a match winner bet).

  4. Pick a betting market

    Decide which market you want to bet on.

  5. Add to betting slip

    Choose which bet you want to place, and click on the specific odds to add this to your betting slip.

  6. Decide your stake

    Input your stake. Betfair automatically tells you how much you’ll win if your selection is successful. Click ‘Place Bets’ to confirm.

Straight Face Icon Esports is difficult to find, but bets are easy to place

Placing esports bets with Betfair is really straightforward, assuming you can actually find the right section! It would be nice if the ‘Esports’ section was more obviously signposted on the site, but the bet-placing itself is very simple. We really like how Betfair has designed their sportsbook to be intuitive to new players, and this really shows during the betting process.

Cashing Out Bets: Is it Possible on Betfair?

Cashing out bets involves closing a bet before the result has been finalised. It’s a feature that is included at most esports betting sites, and thankfully, Betfair is no different! The ‘Cash Out’ feature is not offered on all markets, so players should double-check before placing their esports bets. To cash out a bet on Betfair, click on ‘My Bets’ and look at your ‘Open’ bets.

How to Bet With Free Bets on Betfair

Free bets are one of the most highly sought after promotions at any sportsbook. Players can claim and place free bets on Betfair, but how does it work? Betfair offers a welcome bonus for esports fans that allows them to claim £30 in free bets if they bet £10. The site also runs regular, event-specific promotions. For example, players can get a free £5 bet builder when they place a £5 bet builder on certain events.

Remember, free bets always come with terms & conditions, so make sure you check these out before claiming or placing a free bet.

Betting on Esports With Betfair Couldn’t Be Much Easier

It’s important that players understand how to place a bet on Betfair if they’re going to make the most out of their esports betting. This process is really straightforward with Betfair, and there were no unpleasant surprises. It would perhaps be nice if it was easier to actually find the esports section on the site, but once you’re there, everything is as we would expect! Once you’ve made a successful bet, you’ll need to know how to withdraw your Betfair winnings!