Ireland Esports: Exciting Merger Creates Unified Esports Powerhouse in Ireland

In a groundbreaking move within the world of esports, Ireland Esports Federation and the formidable Esports Northern Ireland have officially forged a 'strategic alignment,' solidifying their commitment to a common vision.

Ireland Esports Merger

Unveiling Ireland Esports: A Unified Entity

This exciting partnership will usher in a new era as they operate collectively under the established Ireland Esports name. Notably, they will function as a single not-for-profit entity, with a shared mission of resource collaboration and dedicated efforts towards education and grassroots tournaments.

Empowering Communities and Nurturing Talent

In a joint announcement posted on the Ireland Esports website, the leadership expressed their unwavering commitment to inclusivity, vowing to “respect all communities and empower talent while forging pathways to international competition.”

Embracing an All-Ireland Approach

Steve Daly, Chair of Ireland Esports, described this strategic alignment as a pivotal leap forward, likening it to the successful models seen in community initiatives and traditional sporting federations.

Solid Global Connections

Ireland Esports holds esteemed memberships in the Global Esports Federation (GEF) and the International Esports Federation (IeSF). Furthermore, it enjoys a close partnership with prominent UK entities such as the British Esports Federation, Esports Scotland, and Esports Wales. Notably, they recently voiced their dissent against IESF’s decision to lift sanctions on the Russian Esports Federation.

Opportunities for Northern Ireland’s Esports Players

Esports athletes from Northern Ireland will now have the choice of representing either Ireland Esports or the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team in international events—a framework reminiscent of the Olympic Games.

Celebrating Northern Ireland’s Esports Triumphs

In a remarkable achievement, Northern Ireland’s eFootball star, Emzii, clinched a gold medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in 2022, showcasing the region’s exceptional talent.

A Fresh Start with a New Mission and Logo

The amalgamation of these two entities signifies a bright future for Ireland’s esports community, marked by the unveiling of a brand-new combined logo. This emblem draws inspiration from the NI Esports stag logo, an emblem steeped in Irish folklore that represents strength, power, courage, and maturity.

A Defined Mission Ahead

The newly formed entity is driven by a clear mission statement: “to manage and enhance Team Ireland’s performance at international competitive tournaments while cultivating local competitive and educational pathways.”

A Visionary Leader Speaks

Steve Daly, Chair of Ireland Esports and the co-founder/CEO of the Irish esports organisation Wylde, underscores the pressing need to support pathways for esports athletes, ensuring their competitiveness on the international stage. He highlights the success of this all-Ireland approach, similar to models seen in community initiatives and traditional sports federations.

By adopting an all-Ireland approach, as has been seen in community and education initiatives as well as traditional sports and sporting federations, this strategic alignment is a significant step forward.

Steve Daly, Ireland Esports

A Proven Track Record

Michael Smyth, a board member at Ireland Esports, who has also served as Team Manager for both Esports Northern Ireland and Ireland Esports, emphasizes their successful collaboration over the past 12 months. The formal merger is poised to expedite opportunities for esports talent and establish robust professional structures.

Rising Esports Excellence in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Esports in both Ireland and Northern Ireland have been on a remarkable upward trajectory in recent years, highlighted by significant national accomplishments. Notable achievements include Emzii’s gold medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championships, Ireland’s Nativz securing victory in the League of Legends NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs earlier this year, and the vibrant grassroots tournaments featured at events like GamerFest in Ireland.