Best CS2 Odds For Real-Money Betting

Learn about CS2 odds, how to calculate them and how to improve them.

Betting on CS2 relies on players understanding how Counter Strike betting odds work and how to calculate them. If you're new to CS2 betting or want to better understand betting odds, keep reading to find out more.

Use Our Pre-Match Counter-Strike 2 Odds Comparison Tool

If you want to compare odds for a CS2 event between different CS2 betting sites, we have a CS2 odds comparison tool that does all the hard work for you. Look for the event you want to bet on and see which operator site offers you the best and most competitive Counter-Strike 2 odds.

What Are CS2 Betting Odds and How Do They Work?

Real-money CS2 betting odds refer to the amount of money that a bettor can win if their bet is successful. The better the odds, the lower likelihood that bet will win, according to the bookmakers. For example, if FaZe Clan have odds of 10/1 to beat Team Liquid, the esports betting site believes that it is highly unlikely. If FaZe had odds of 2/1, then the bookmaker is more confident that they will win.

What Are The Different Types of CS2 Odds Available? 

Odds can be represented differently depending on the CS2 betting site in question, or the country that you’re playing from. Below, we’ll demonstrate some of the different options available:

  • Fractional CS2 Odds: Fractional odds are one of the most commonly used formats for Counter-Strike 2 betting odds in the UK. Fractional CS2 odds work by multiplying the fraction by your stake. Example: Betting £10 on SK Gaming to beat Optic Gaming with odds of 3/1 will win you £30 if SK Gaming are victorious, plus your original £10 stake back.
  • Decimal CS2 Odds: Decimal odds are also very common within UK-betting markets. The decimal odds number represents the amount a player would win for every £1 wagered. Example: Betting £10 on Na’ Vi to beat Astralis with odds of 2.0 will win you £10 if Na’ Vi succeed, plus your original £10 stake back.
  • American CS2 Odds: American odds are much less common in the UK, but lots of betting sites will still give you the option to use them. If the odds have a minus (-) symbol in front of them, it indicates the amount somebody would need to wager to win £100. If the odds have a plus (+) in front of them, it shows the amount that somebody would win for every £100 staked. Example: Betting £10 on MOUZ to beat Fnatic with odds of +200 will win you £20 plus your original £10 stake if MOUZ win the match. Example: If G2 had odds of -140 to beat BIG, you would need to wager £14 to win £10, plus your original stake.
  • Vegas CS2 Odds: Counter-Strike 2 Vegas odds refer to odds that are the most up-to-date. If a CS2 betting site is offering Vegas odds, players can rest assured that the odds are as accurate as possible.

Counter-Strike 2 Live Odds vs. Pre-Match Odds: What’s the Difference?

Counter-Strike 2 bettors are usually able to bet on an event either before or after it has started. Below, we’ll explain the difference between CS2 live odds and pre-match odds.

  • Live Odds: Live CS2 odds are used after a match has already started. These odds are updated continuously depending on how teams are performing within the match itself. For example, when live betting, if FaZe perform particularly well in Map 1, then the odds for Map 2 will change to reflect this.
  • Pre-Match Odds: Pre-match CS2 odds are set before a match has started. The odds will be set depending on recent results or news that comes out before the match begins.
Success Icon Learn how Counter-Strike betting odds work before you start betting!

If you’re interested in live betting, remember, CS2 live odds will change much more frequently than pre-match odds because they rely on current, in-game information. Some odds formats are potentially easier to understand than others, so check whether your betting site of choice allows you to change between fractional, decimal or American odds.

Calculate Potential Winnings With a CS2 Odds Calculator

Calculating the odds on a Counter-Strike event is really simple, especially if you use a CS2 odds calculator. First and foremost, pick an odds format that suits you (decimal, fractional or American) and learn how this works. For more information, check out our esports odds page that will tell you everything you need to know about calculating Counter-Strike 2 odds.

How to Improve Your Counter-Strike Betting Odds

To get the best value out of your Counter-Strike betting, it’s important to find the best CS2 betting odds available. Below, we’ve listed some tips for improving your Counter-Strike odds.

  1. Find a betting site with the best CS2 odds
    Different betting sites will offer different CS2 odds. Use our CS2 odds comparison tool to make sure you’re getting the best value from your Counter Strike bets.
  2. Utilise accumulator (acca) bets
    Accumulator bets – betting on multiple events, matches or markets in a single bet – will multiply the odds offered, because you’re relying on multiple bets succeeding at the same time.
  3. Calculate your winnings
    Make sure you know what you’re betting on and how much you could win if your bet was successful. It’s important to do your research and acknowledge that it’s always possible to lose money when betting on CS2.
  4. Find boosted odds
    Some sites will offer boosted odds for specific events. Make sure to check out different betting sites and any promotions on offer to get the best value for money.
  5. Bet on the underdog
    This isn’t a guarantee of winning money, but the team that is less likely to win will have better odds available. If you think there could be an upset, betting on the underdog will provide you with a better potential return on your stake.
  6. Bet on the same event with different betting sites (advanced)
    Arbitrage betting involves placing multiple bets on the same Counter-Strike match. This allows you to place wagers on multiple outcomes, meaning that it’ll be more likely that at least one of your wagers is successful. However, make sure you figure out the maths to ensure that any money made will cover the stakes on any sites you’ve used.
Alert Icon Calculate and improve your CS2 odds.

Although it’s never possible to guarantee a win, there are plenty of ways to improve your Counter-Strike 2 odds. Use an odds calculator to see how much you could win if your bet was successful and consider placing accumulator bets to improve your odds.

Which CS2 Betting Markets Have the Best Odds?

There are plenty of CS2 betting markets available to esports bettors. Players can bet on markets that are non-game specific, such as Match Winner and Map [X] Winner. Alternatively, players can bet on markets that are specific to Counter-Strike, such as Map [X] Pistol Round Winner. But which betting markets have the best odds?

  • Match Handicap: Players can bet on which team they think will win, but give them a virtual handicap before the game starts. The odds are better because your chosen team, and therefore your bet, is potentially starting at a disadvantage.
  • Correct Score: Some betting sites allow you to bet on the exact map score, or even the exact rounds score, throughout a match. The odds here are better because there is so much room for error and it’s very difficult to precisely predict the correct score.
  • Total Maps Played Over/Under: This involves predicting the number of maps played. Before a match starts, it’s impossible to know how quickly a game will end, which is why the odds on this market can be high.
Did you know?
Success Icon Accumulators offer better odds than single bets!

In Counter-Strike 2, Match Winner odds are usually fairly low. If you want to bet on this market, consider an accumulator across multiple matches in a tournament to get better odds.

Which Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments Always Have Betting Odds?

Not every CS2 tournament has betting odds available. Most major events will be covered on CS2 betting sites, but not all of them. So, which Counter-Strike tournaments have betting odds?

  • CS2 Majors: CS2 Major odds are almost always available. Counter-Strike Majors are some of the biggest tournaments in esports. Hosted by Valve and with a minimum prize pool of $1,000,000, players can usually find Counter-Strike Major Winner odds available. Different odds are offered depending on the Major in question. For example, for players interested in the Stockholm Major, you’ll want to find a betting site that offers CS2 Stockholm Major odds.
  • ESL Major League: The ESL Major League helps to qualify teams into the ESL Pro League. The ESL Major League has smaller prize pools, usually of around £500, but can provide a good opportunity for lesser-known CS2 teams. CS2 ESL Major League betting odds can usually be found at most major Counter Strike betting sites.
  • ESL UK Premiership: The ESL UK Premiership is one of the biggest Counter-Strike competitions available for players in the UK and Ireland. Successful teams can also qualify for the European leagues, and players will find ESL UK Premiership betting odds at most operator sites.
Success Icon Counter-Strike 2 odds won’t change depending on the tournament.

CS2 is one of the most popular esports to bet on, so most of the biggest tournaments and events will always offer Counter-Strike betting odds. Remember, odds won’t differ between events, but will change depending on the teams competing.

CS2 Betting Odds: The Key to Successful CS2 Betting

As with most esports, CS2 odds are one of the most important aspects of any Counter-Strike 2 betting journey. Don’t just settle for the first odds you see. Learn what makes for good CS2 odds, find the best Counter-Strike 2 betting site and figure out how to improve your betting odds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are CS2 odds calculated?

CS2 betting odds are calculated using an algorithm that determines which team has the best chance of succeeding. The higher the probability of a team winning, the lower the odds, and vice versa.

Are Counter-Strike betting odds fair?

CS2 betting odds are fair and can be trusted. UK-based esports betting sites are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, which has rules in place to ensure CS2 betting sites offer fair odds. Some Counter-Strike 2 betting odds are better than others, however, so make sure you’re finding a site with the best odds.

Which site has the best CS2 odds?

Take a look at our reviews to determine which is the best Counter-Strike 2 betting site for the best odds. Remember, odds aren’t the only factor to consider. Some betting sites have better odds than their competitors, but might not offer a good variety of betting markets.

How can I compare CS2 betting odds?

You can compare CS2 betting odds by looking for the same market on multiple operator sites. Alternatively, use our CS2 odds comparison tool, which lists the odds found on multiple esports betting sites to avoid you needing to search for them yourself. This is a good way of quickly and easily determining which site has the best odds for your chosen event.

Do CS2 betting odds change?

Much like traditional sports betting, Counter-Strike 2 betting odds can change regularly. CS2 odds today won’t necessarily be the same as they are tomorrow. Odds can change due to a number of different factors, including last-minute roster changes or recent results. Alternatively, if you’re live betting on CS2, the Counter-Strike odds will change as the game goes on, depending on which team has performed best in the match so far.

Do Counter-Strike odds matter?

Counter-Strike odds are really important. The worse the odds, the less money you will make if your bet succeeds. For example, if one betting site offers odds of 8/1 on a particular team winning, whereas another site offers odds of 4/1, you will earn double the money if you choose the first CS2 betting site and your bet is successful.