Learn How to Withdraw From Midnite

If you're fortunate enough to have made a successful esports bet, you need to know how to withdraw your winnings!

At this point, you should already have figured out how to deposit on Midnite. If so, and you've placed a winning esports bet on the site, you'll need to know how to withdraw from Midnite. Below, we'll demonstrate how to make a withdrawal and tell you anything else you might need to know about Midnite's withdrawal process.

How to Withdraw Winnings From Midnite

Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, at least one of your esports bets will be successful. If this is the case, knowing exactly how to withdraw your winnings is essential! Thankfully, Midnite makes the process plain and simple. Click the plus button in the top-right-hand corner of the site and then click ‘Withdraw’. Select your payment method, choose the amount you want to withdraw, ensure your payment details are accurate, and click ‘Withdraw’.


How to Withdraw at Midnite: Step by Step Guide

Below we’ve added a helpful step-by-step guide for withdrawals from Midnite.

  1. Click the plus button

    Click the plus button in the top-right-hand corner of the site. This is the same one that’s used to make deposits.

  2. Click ‘Withdraw’

    Click ‘Withdraw’

  3. Select payment method

    Decide which payment method you want to use. Remember, Midnite operates a one-payment method policy, so this will be the same as you’ve used to deposit.

  4. Choose withdrawal amount

    Choose how much you want to withdraw. Type in an amount or select from the predetermined amounts on the screen.

  5. Check payment details

    Check that your payment details are correct, just in case.

  6. Click ‘Withdraw’

    Click ‘Withdraw’ to remove the funds from your Midnite betting account into your payment method of choice.

Important Information to Know When Making a Withdrawal at Midnite

The minimum withdrawal from Midnite is £5 for every payment method. Players will need to ensure they’ve completed any KYC checks before withdrawing, although it is Midnite’s responsibility to make sure these are adhered to. To learn more about withdrawals, scroll to the page footer and click ‘Withdrawals’.

How long does it take to make a Midnite withdrawal?

Midnite’s withdrawals are actually very speedy, especially compared to some of the site’s competitors. On average, withdrawals will be processed in less than four hours, although PayPal and Skrill withdrawals have the shortest process time at two hours. Remember, although Midnite will process your withdrawals, you still need to wait for your chosen payment method to complete the transaction.

Why won’t Midnite let me withdraw my money?

There are several reasons that Midnite might not let you withdraw your money. The primary reason is that your account may not be fully verified and the site’s Know Your Customer Checks (KYC) are not completed.

There are other reasons that Midnite may not let you withdraw, however:

  • If unusual activity has been spotted in your account
  • If you’ve broken terms & conditions, including by abusing the site’s bonuses
Happy Icon Withdrawing money is as easy as it should be with Midnite.

Making withdrawals is really straightforward. Aside from the fact that players will need to use the same payment method throughout their time on the site, we have no major criticisms here. Withdrawals were free and fast, which is about all you can ask for from a UK esports betting site.

What Withdrawal Methods are Available on Midnite?

If you’re interested in creating an account or withdrawing money with Midnite, you’ll need to know which payment methods are available. Below, we’ve created a table highlighting which withdrawal options you can use on Midnite.

Payment MethodMinimum WithdrawalMaximum WithdrawalWithdrawal Process TimeFeeTypeOther
VISA£5UnknownUp to 4 hoursFree
Mastercard£5UnknownUp to 4 hoursFree
PayPal£5UnknownUp to 2 hoursFreeUK only
Trustly£5UnknownUp to 24 hoursFreeBank transferSelect countries
Skrill£5UnknownUp to 2 hoursFreeeWalletSelect countries
Midnite Esports Betting Withdrawal Options

Making Withdrawals from Midnite: Simple and Worthwhile!

If you’re interested in learning how to withdraw from Midnite, follow our step-by-step guide to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. We had no major issues making Midnite withdrawals, finding everything to be smooth, transparent and intuitive. If you can’t make withdrawals, there’s no point in creating an account on an esports betting site – withdrawing money from Midnite after making a successful bet is a breeze, so no complaints there!