About Midnite

What is Midnite? Discover everything there is to know about the esports betting site!

Midnite offers more than just esports. It is a fairly new betting site, but there's still plenty to learn about Midnite! Below, we've compiled some of the key Midnite information that esports bettors should know.

Additional Information About Midnite

Although we were massively impressed with Midnite’s esports focus, the site does have more to offer prospective players. Founded in 2015 and licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Midnite is a sports and esports-focused betting site based in the UK.

Midnite Esports Betting

Primarily, Midnite is an esports betting site. In our Midnite review, we cover all the key esports that the site offers, but players should know that the choice available is awe-inspiring! From Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege to Halo and CS:GO, Midnite offers a phenomenal range of games and betting markets.

Traditional Sports Betting at Midnite

Midnite’s traditional sports offering is almost as impressive as its esports offering. From major sports, such as football and horse racing, to slightly more niche sports, such as Aussie Rules and Futsal, there is plenty to like about the ‘Sports’ section of the Midnite site.

Midnite Casino

There is, unfortunately, no Casino on the Midnite site. However, we’re not too disappointed about this because it means their focus is specifically on the sports and esports sections.

Which Company Owns Midnite?

Midnite was founded in 2015 and is based in London, England. Midnite is a startup created by the team behind Dribble, a fantasy football app. Nick Wright and Sujoy Roy were the primary founders of the site, which raised $16 million in Series A funding. Some of the key investors in Midnite include:

  • Raine
  • Makers Fund
  • Venrex
  • Founder of Betfair
Did you know?
Success Icon Headquartered in London, but based around the world!

Midnite is made up of a remote team of engineers, designers and marketers based around the world! Midnite prioritises team members that love esports, sports and gaming, rather than hiring individuals based solely in the UK!

Midnite Awards and Recognitions

At the time of writing, Midnite has not won any major awards for the work it’s done in the esports betting space. However, this is because it’s one of the newest betting sites on the market, with the site only launching properly in 2020. With Midnite’s potential, we don’t doubt that the site will start to get the recognition it deserves before too long.

About Midnite Sponsorship

Midnite became the team sponsor of London Royal Ravens, a Call of Duty League team, in 2021, becoming the first betting partner of a CDL team. In 2022, the Brazilian esports organisation LOUD named Midnite as one of its sponsors.


When did Midnite start operating?

Midnite was founded in 2015, but didn’t fully start operating until 2020. The site was created by the team that created the fantasy football app Dribble. It might be new, but it’s clear that there’s not much you can teach Midnite about esports betting that the team doesn’t already know!

Does Midnite have a casino?

Midnite does not currently offer a casino to its players. With the site launched fairly recently, it’s clear that they are prioritising sports and esports betting currently. However, this doesn’t mean that the developers won’t branch out into casino and live casino gaming in the future.

Where is Midnite based?

Midnite is one of few esports betting sites based in London, UK. The site is licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, although there is potential that, as the company expands, they branch into different territories and expand their list of licences.

What is Midnite?

Midnite describes itself as a “next generation betting platform that is built for today’s fandom”. It is an online betting site that caters primarily to esports and sports bettors, and focuses on building one of the most technologically advanced betting platforms.

Is Midnite betting safe?

Midnite is perfectly safe. The site is licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, meaning it needs to follow the rules and regulations implemented by the licensing body. We also wouldn’t recommend Midnite if we weren’t confident that your funds and data were secure!

Is Midnite an esports betting site?

Midnite is a hybrid site, focusing on both esports and sports. The split is around 50/50, although Midnite is perhaps best known for its focus on esports, especially compared to a lot of its competitors. Players can bet on an incredible range of esports, events and betting markets with Midnite.