How To Bet On bet365

Placing your first esports bet with bet365 - it's the moment you've been waiting for!

Learning how to make a bet on bet365 is incredibly important. It's the main step in your esports betting journey, so it's something that every esports bettor should understand! There are a few steps to keep in mind, so we've come up with a helpful guide on how to bet on bet365.

bet365 Makes it Super Simple to Place Your First Esport Bet!

Much like everything else on the bet365 site, placing your first esports bet is relatively straightforward. Like most UK-based esports betting sites, players will simply need to select an event, choose their betting market and add their preferred odds to their betting slip. Deposit funds, decide on your stake, and you should be ready to go! We went through the process in detail in our extensive bet365 review, so we can confirm how easy it is!


How to Bet on Esports With bet365: Step by Step Guide

Below, we’ve detailed everything that new esports bettors will need to know before placing their first bet with bet365.

  1. Deposit funds

    First and foremost, players will need to make sure they’ve topped up their account. If unsure how, check out our bet365 deposit guide.

  2. Select esport and event

    Click ‘Esports’ on the left-hand side of the site and navigate to your preferrent game, event or tournament, and match.

  3. Choose betting market

    Decide what you want to bet on. bet365 has a good range of betting markets available, so choose the one that suits you best.

  4. Decide your odds

    Most betting markets will have multiple options to choose from. Decide which you’re most confident in.

  5. Add to betting slip

    Click on your winning hopeful, which will automatically add it to your betting slip. The betting slip will pop up from the bottom of the screen.

  6. Input your stake

    Set your stake on your betting slip, which will automatically calculate your potential returns.

  7. Place your Bet!

    Click ‘Place Bet’, and then hope for the best!

Happy Icon Placing a bet with bet365 is an intuitive process

Placing your first esports bet at a new bookmaker should always be a straightforward process. Thankfully, with bet365, it really is! The process is nothing to write home about, but it’s very much in line with the industry standard, which is great. We were pleased with how intuitive everything felt – both new and experienced bettors should be comfortable placing their first bets with bet365.

Can You Cash Out Bets with bet365?

For esports bettors that want to cash out before the match is finished, you’re in luck with bet365! bet365 offers a cash out function on several different esports titles and betting markets, although not all of them! Double-check whether this is offered on your chosen esport before placing your bet, either by looking at the specific betting market or by reaching out to customer support. bet365 offers a range of ‘Early Payout’ promotions, although none that can be used on esports, unfortunately!

How to Bet With Free Bets on bet365

Free bets are some of the most highly sought-after promotions on any esports betting site. All free bets come with extensive T&Cs, but they can still be a good way of betting on esports without risking real money. The bet365 welcome bonus offers players the chance to win £30 worth of free bets if they place an initial £10 bet!

Placing an Esports Bet: An Important Aspect Done Well at bet365

If you’re wondering how to place a bet on bet365, then worry no more! bet365’s betting process is really straightforward and very intuitive. If you’ve placed a bet on another betting site before, the process is almost identical here. If not, use our helpful guide to place your first one! With any luck, your bet will be successful, and you’ll need to make a bet365 withdrawal next!